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Pee-Wee Wisdom DiezSENY today can look back at a long history of thread rolling technology, like the famous MODELO II the 1943, which was, the 1958 first type being build in large quantities. Because of further development and search for improvement in the early 19 70 's the first spline rolling machine with 2 slides was succesfully introduced. Already in the beginning of the 19 80 's SENY built CNC controlled machines for aeronautic applications.

Consequently looking for new applications in 1996 3 slide machines were designed for the roll forming of hollow materials, like Finn Tubes. From the year 1996 and following a special request from a customer, the 3-Slide Cold forming machine was introduced..

The research, development and cooperation with exclusive partners are part of the know-how of SENY .


Our goal is the production of tools of high quality rolling. During the process of production of rolling mills and rollers we ensure the highest quality of all the machines and tools to achieve coordinate measuring technology providing the necessary value from the beginning to the end of each process.

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thread rolling and rollers


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