Thread rolling and rollers


We have more than 70 years of experience in producing cold deformation rollers for all types of profiles.

Our unique patented system PSS (system synchronized roll nip) minimizes the time of preparation and startup of the rollers in the process of thread rolling. In this way, the cost in time and complicated preparation is canceled.

Profile Types

  • Screwed – Burnish
  • Fluted – slotted
  • Moleteado – special profiles

Laminating system

  • Diving – perched: normal, Extra fast, keep it going (multiple rings), mixed.
  • Roller and industry - roller engageable heads


The grinding of the profiles of the rollers Grinding is done in CNC, profiling work accurately and at high speed using grinding wheels, thus imparting roller correct and accurate profile.


Our goal is the production of roll sets of the highest quality. We use advanced technology to coordinate measurement. We offer 3 types of materials for longer life:

    • PW1000
    • PW2000
    • PW3000

life for roller set M10x1, by material, material with threading 42 Cr Mo4:

MATERIAL PW1000 PW2000 PW3000 PW4000
Useful life 40.000 pieces 65.000 pieces 87.000 pieces 610.000 pieces

Tools support the production of high quality using the latest technology for measuring coordinates.

For the longer lifetime, we offer 3 different types of steel alloys of very high quality with various coatings. Applying the latest technology tempered vacuum seek the perfect combination for any machining work.

Quality control tools Profile quality control



We have developed special radio method to reduce the notch effect at the end of the threaded effectively. So roll games also have a higher durability.

Vacuum heat treatment

Highly precise parts which need to have a clean and bright surface often show a disposition for distortion. These parts are predestined for treatment give a vacuum oven for best results. Quenching is carried out by a gas flow under high pressure. The pression can be modified considerably, and as a result the quenching can be regulated softly. The tools remain bright, as there is no oxidation under vacuum.

Highest demands and expectations will be realized by this way of heat treatment:

High quality plasma nitriding









  • Stability and accuracy
  • Surfaces which are metallic bright
  • Higher life time of the tools
  • Accurate documentation of the running process cycle (even of difficult ones)
  • Absolutely repeatable treatments

Our most recent innovation in vacuum heat treatment:

Vacuum heat treatment










  • Full vacuum
  • For special alloying (PW3000)
  • Cooling
  • Hardening and deep freezing in just one unit, including a complete documentation for best microstructure and corrosion resistance