Thread rolling and rollers

thread rolling machines

The laminate with threads and the laminate of profiles part of the process without chip. This technology used to produce threads, helical gears and toothed on the outside of a piece of work round axial symmetry. On the surface of the workpiece occurs a certain profile will be formed.

  • Low Cost
  • Seny CNC
  • Seny CNC AC
  • 3 Heads
  • Tooths
  • Laminators Toothed Rack
  • Planetary System

centerless grinding machines

We can offer all types of Centerless grinding machines fully or partially automated to meet your needs. No matter if you want a continuous production process or plongee.

  • R 605 CNC
  • R 608 CNC
  • R 608 CNC with automation


The feeders are offered on request. The design and study is performed according to type of piece, production, optimizing handling, cycle time, with control option of piece (before and after machining) always considering the convenience and easy setup.



In Seny we have multiple tools at the service of customers. Send us your request and we will consider your proposal. ¡Get your feedback!

  • Quality Control (QA)
  • Tool grinding shop
  • Spare parts
  • Vacuum heat treatment

final product samples

rolled by cold deformation parts Seny
rolled by cold deformation parts Seny
laminated by cold deformation parts