Thread rolling and rollers


Senvy® LOW COST line convinces by an excellent price-performance-Low Cost Sanity 15-ratio,. available from 5 to up 100 to capacity. There is, more power on request. All models are equipped with SIEMENS SPS control and frequency converter (FU) for infinitive variable speed.

The universal composition allows the application of the machine for all known processes of forming in in-feed or through-feed. Highest production rates can be realized. Manual loading and unloading supported by the generous working space.

The automation of this model range, is always possible, because of the open construction of the working space and makes the handling easy. This reduces the “bottom to bottom” time and simplifies loading and discharging of the work pieces.

High precise profile guiding rails lead to higher quality in through-feed or in-feed process. Thanks to ECO-SYS short changeover times are guaranteed. All adjustments are easily done from the front of the machine.

Low Cost Sanity 24

Lowcost 3


Model Forming force Tool ø Shaft ø Support length (mm) Work piece ø Weight
Seny® 5 10kN – 50kN 90mm – 110mm 40,00mm 60mm 0mm – 25mm 980 kg
Seny® 10 10kN – 100kN 130mm – 180mm 54,00mm 120mm 2mm – 40mm 1.400 kg
Seny® 15 10kN – 150kN 135mm – 230mm 54,00mm / 69.85mm 200mm 2mm – 55mm 2.600 kg
Seny® 20 10kN – 200kN 130mm – 200mm 54,00mm / 80,00mm 200mm 2mm – 55mm 2.600 kg
Seny® 24 10kN – 240kN 135mm – 230mm 69,85mm / 80,00mm 200mm 2mm – 55mm 2.900 kg
Seny® 30 10kN – 300kN 150mm – 260mm 80,00mm / 100,00 225mm 2mm – 150mm 4.600 kg
Seny® 40 10kN – 400kN 150mm – 260mm 80,00mm / 100,00 225mm 2mm – 150mm 4.800 kg
Seny® 50 10kN – 500kN 150mm – 280mm 100,00mm 250mm 2mm – 240mm 7.500 kg
Seny® 60 10kN – 600kN 150mm – 280mm 100,00mm 250mm 2mm – 240mm 7.800 kg
Seny® 85 10kN – 850kN 160mm – 280mm 100,00mm / 120,00mm 250mm 4mm – 250mm 9.800 kg
Seny® 100 10kN – 1.000kN 160mm – 280mm 100.00mm / 120,00mm 250mm 4mm – 250mm 10.800 kg