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Spline Rolling Machines made by Seny® are designed for highest precise serrations. All kind of splines and serrations can be produced quick and profitable on these machines.

Very well known standards are DIN 5481 similar are DIN 5480, ZGN 714, N442, DP, etc. The type of model depends on your needs, and will be adapted to them. No matter if you need jagged hitch, sliding seat, drive profile, press fit, etc. All requirements can be fullfilled with a Seny® Spline Rolling Machine.

Special drive system

  • It works nearly free from backlash
  • It produces splines of highest quality
  • Option equipped with either hydraulic-mechanic or electronic backlash elimination

The devices constructed by Seny® allow to produce several splines, on one work piece successively.

The positioning of the segment can be CNC programmed and allows to lead with the wear of the rolling tools to a special area. This is possible with small modules, and increases the lifetime up to the triple.

The corresponding software is developed by Seny® and creates the proportional forming referring to the changing circular pitch per range.

Seny® Spline Rolling Units

  • The drive is developed especially for serrations
  • Proportional Forming with particular software
  • Forming Process by guided segment 1 or optionally 2 slides
  • 1 or optionally 2 slides
  • Up to 5 CNC axes
  • Forming Process visualized
  • Program Memory by CF Card (compatible with Excel)


  • 100 kN up to 850 kN Forming Force
  • Ø 5 mm to 15 Ø mm work piece diameter
  • Mod. up to 3,5


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