Thread rolling and rollers

TOOTHED RACK rolling mills

Combining the laminate with the CNC control the advance and the use of reversible rolling rod is an innovation that allows chipless manufacturing a wide variety of profiles splined shaft, involute profiles (FROM 5480 and DIN 5481) and special profiles with an accuracy hitherto unknown. Forces the use of very small and very accurately adjustable shaping expands its scope to the hollow shafts and other works of complex formed. toothed rack The machines of the series RACK used to cold form, chipless and economically toothed external, splined shaft profiles and profiles involute (FROM 5480 and DIN 5481). For example in shafts, drive shafts, axes removable (also hollow shafts), etc. It can also be made more tooth positioned relative to each other. According to the machine model, with a single clamping operation can be made 10 different profiles. Implementation and provision of tools is optimized for shaping, which improves implementation contour, which can be carried out more easily and economically than with other known manufacturing methods. At the same time greater flexibility is achieved in production.

Machining the workpiece

Tools execute a vertical translation movement in opposite directions. This translational movement overlaps the carriage traverse horizontally. All axes have CNC control, so the degree of deformation can be individually adjusted to each workpiece. In each working step can be programmed to 15 different progress. In this way, manufacture by the forming process may employ various materials with high precision and minimum forming force (for instance, for hollow parts) considering different deformation characteristics and, Besides, protecting tools. One can also use continuous rolling technology. laminadoras rack cnc

Advantages of this technology

In forming serrated, Career developed the tool in the tooth gap has a significant influence on the desmoldado laminated tooth profile. Using round tools presents considerable for accuracy and shaping disadvantages due to the limited diameter of tools. Zipper machines are limited by their structure in the length of the tool and forming performance depends on the bevelling tool cone. So that, Both methods have significant drawbacks to conform optimally profiles of this class. Splines Rack

Tool length unlimited

unlimited possibilities for manufacturing The innovative process we have developed combines the advantages of both methods, that is to say, the CNC control feed axes and a straight tool that forming performance can be programmed at will. The line tool developed allows generating an ideal career developed. In combination with the vertical movements of translation of straight tools, the flanks are machined in several passes. This maximum level of precision and accuracy is ensured Profile. In theory the number of passes has no limit, so it has a tool straight length never reached before. On the other hand, the manufacture of these lines forming tools is extremely economical, since there is no need no cone or chamfer length is exceeded 400mm.