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Laminating Sanity P30 CNC AC



Seny® CNC AC Single or Double Slide Cold Forming Machines are showing the proven rigid design with linear guides available from to 10 to up 100 to forming force. They are equipped with 1 or 2 CNC controlled hydraulic roll form slide axis 2 AC servo motor driven shafts.

Machines with 2 2 CNC guided hydraulic slides are designed for improved handling and set up. Any loading device is always positiones in the centre of the machine. This guarantees perfect conditions for installing automation and/or robot systems supporting the open work space for easy access.





Model Forming Force Tool ø Shaft ø Support length Work Piece ø Weight
Seny® P5 CNC AC 10kN – 50kN 90mm – 110mm 40,00mm 60mm 0mm – 25mm 800 kg
Seny® P10 CNC AC 10kN – 100kN 130mm – 180mm 54,00mm 120mm 3mm – 40mm 1.200 kg
Seny® P15 CNC AC 10kN – 150kN 130mm – 200mm 54,00mm / 69.85mm 180mm 4mm – 50mm 2.000 kg
Seny® P20 CNC AC 10kN – 200kN 130mm – 200mm 54,00mm / 69,85mm 180mm 4mm – 50mm 2.300 kg
Seny® P24 CNC AC 10kN – 240kN 160mm – 200mm 69,85mm / 80,00mm 230mm 4mm – 120mm 3.600 kg
Seny® P30 CNC AC 10kN – 300kN 160mm – 280mm 80,00mm / 100,00 230mm 4mm – 120mm 4.000 kg
Seny® P40 CNC AC 10kN – 400kN 160mm – 280mm 80,00mm / 100,00 230mm 4mm – 120mm 4.400 kg
Seny® P50 CNC AC 50kN – 500kN 160mm – 280mm 100,00mm 250mm 4mm – 240mm 7.500 kg
Seny® P60 CNC AC 50kN – 600kN 160mm – 280mm 100,00mm 250mm 4mm – 240mm 8.000 kg
Seny® P85 CNC AC 50kN – 850kN 160mm – 280mm 100,00mm / 120,00mm 250mm 4mm – 300mm 11.200 kg
Seny® P100 CNC AC 50kN – 1.000kN 160mm – 280mm 100.00mm / 120,00mm 250mm 4mm – 300mm 12.800 kg