Thread rolling and rollers

SENY CNC - The well proven

Laminating CNC Sanity P30Seny® CNC Standard cold forming machines, with rigid full cast design and dove tail guideways, are offered from 15 to to 35 to capacity. They are perfectly manufactured for threads, profiles and serrations (optionally accessory with "hydraulic back lash compensations"). The roll form slide axis is CNC controlled (remote control). The SIEMENS PLC S7 control with Seny® Software, the frequency converter for infinitely variable speed regulation and the SPS integrated quality assurance system are a part of the basic equipment of this model range.Laminadora CNC

For comfortable set-up the software includes different pre-set forming programs.

The Seny® CNC model is the perfect production unit for highly sophisticated 3-shift-run.


The well proven offers good results

Model Forming force Tool ø Shaft ø Support length (mm) Work piece ø Weight
SENY P15 CNC 10kN – 150kN 130mm – 200mm 54,00mm / 69.85mm 160mm 4mm – 50mm 2.400 kg
SENY P20 CNC 10kN – 200kN 130mm – 200mm 54,00mm / 69.85mm 160mm 4mm – 50mm 2.400 kg
SENY P24 CNC 10kN – 240kN 130mm – 200mm 54,00mm / 69.85mm 180mm 4mm – 120mm 3.800 kg
SENY P30 CNC 10kN – 300kN 130mm – 200mm 69,85mm / 80,00mm 180mm 4mm – 120mm 4.000 kg
SENY P35 CNC 10kN – 300kN 160mm – 220mm 69.85mm / 80,00mm 180mm 4mm – 120mm 4.400 kg