Thread rolling and rollers


Seny® has multiple tools to serve customers who want to get their request.


  • Quality Control (QA)

    We aim to produce threading tools of the highest quality. Tools support the production of high quality using the latest technology for measuring coordinates. For the longer lifetime, we offer 3 different types of steel alloys of very high quality with various coatings. Applying the latest technology tempered vacuum seek the perfect combination for any machining work.

    Quality control tools Profile quality control








  • Tool grinding shop



    Our grinding shop offers rolling tools made of high performance steel for sophisticated demands of threading or serration. We especially recommend our PSS style grinded tools for immediate track finding .

    We also regrind your used rolling tools, made by other manufacturers. We grind a special radius into the thread tools to increse the life time.

    For special application please ask for our tools made of special steel or coatings.



  • Spare parts

    Threading roller sets



    Original Seny® spare parts from our stock are waiting for your order. Please make use of our competent repair service, coming to your facility.

    We recommend the Seny® maintenance check with screening of different functions, adjustment and recommendation of parts that should be replaced.




  • Vacuum heat treatment

    Highly precise parts which need to have a clean and bright surface often show a disposition for distortion. These parts are predestined for treatment give a vacuum oven for best results. Quenching is carried out by a gas flow under high pressure. The pression can be modified considerably, and as a result the quenching can be regulated softly. The tools remain bright, as there is no oxidation under vacuum.

    Highest demands and expectations will be realized by this way of heat treatment:

    High quality plasma nitriding



    • Stability and accuracy
    • Surfaces which are metallic bright
    • Higher life time of the tools
    • Accurate documentation of the running process cycle (even of difficult ones)
    • Absolutely repeatable treatments



    Our most recent innovation in vacuum heat treatment:

    Vacuum heat treatment




    • Full vacuum
    • For special alloying (PW3000)
    • Cooling
    • Hardening and deep freezing in just one unit, including a complete documentation for best microstructure and corrosion resistance