Thread rolling and rollers


A Seny® built in 1972 and completely mechanical overhauled, by using original spare parts, retrofit with frequency converter, new electrical cabinet and SIEMENS SPS control, and control is returned to the owner.

¡Now you will get another 30 years of reliable performance!

Thanks to our many years of experience in repair and overhaul of thread rolling Seny® “old” today we can offer complete and professional reconditioning of used machines.


Beside the mechanical repair and overhaul of your used Seny®, our professional work covers the interchange of the old electrical system against a modern SIEMENS SPS S7 control. A reconditioned Seny® which is as good as new, receives additionally the CE Conformity certificate and our manufacturers warranty.

Retrofit and handling, complete automation systems or quality insurance devices can now or in future easily be done.

¡The best option!

Overhaul and and of your old "Seny®'s" by our long-time experienced specialists who have many years of experience. for that original spare parts are used “SENY”.





Regrinded roll at an affordable price is offered and guaranteed quality.

The regrinding process involves the removal of the existing thread, leaving the outer diameter according to the new thread type requested. It can be changed thread profile, knurled, etc. of any kind of measure.

The sets of rolls can be regrinded from 5 to 6 times, always taking into account the minimum outer diameter allowing the machine. In this way the material fully amortized purchase new roll.


Quality control








¡The life of a regrinded roll is the same as a new one!


Sample recovery roller Seny

We have the service center for our SENY machines, both old and new models, providing solutions to all sorts of problems/defects:

  • HYDRAULICSVan technical assistance Sanity


Immediate response, with rapid assessment of the parts to be changed and the possibility of repair at the customer, depending on the type of fault.