Thread rolling and rollers

Rolls Regrinding


Our service of Rolls Regrinding It works effectively to provide an affordable price and guaranteed quality. A roll can be regrinded from 5 to 6 times, taking into account the minimum diameter allowing the machine. In this way the material fully amortized purchase new roll.

The recovery process roller sets It involves the removal of the existing thread, leaving the outer diameter according to the new thread type requested. Being able to change the thread profile, knurled, etc. of any kind of measure.

With service recovery roller may recover unused tools, Returning to capitalize on the investment made when bought and optimizing life.

In case you are interested in recovering roller sets, contact us informing us of the features of the tool to recover. We will spend an estimated budget, always pending of the tool and see the state that is. Once we have assessed the state of the rollers, We give the ok to the budget and make the recovery as soon as possible. Our value is to return the recovered sets of rollers as soon as possible, so that production is not affected.


Quality control





¡The life of a regrinded roll is the same as a new one!


Sample recovery roller Seny