Thread rolling and rollers

Machine repair


A thread mill after years of use, You need revision and preparation thereof, to continue offering the same benefits thread, and also you may need to repair laminators SENY on other occasions. Our repair service SENY machines works in the following circumstances:

  • Review and development of old machines after years of use
  • Packaging machine for adaptation to former CE
  • Repair machines in use
  • Adaptation of machines to current control systems
  • Review and development of second-hand machine SENY

We also offer the supply of spare parts and instruction manuals SENY.

We have in stock different types of machine used SENY, If you are interested in purchasing a laminator second-hand threads contact us and we will inform.


A Seny® built in 1972 and completely mechanical overhauled, by using original spare parts, retrofit with frequency converter, new electrical cabinet and SIEMENS SPS control, and control is returned to the owner.

¡Now you will get another 30 years of reliable performance!


Thanks to our many years of experience in repair and overhaul of thread rolling Seny® “old” today we can offer complete and professional reconditioning of used machines.


Beside the mechanical repair and overhaul of your used Seny®, our professional work covers the interchange of the old electrical system against a modern SIEMENS SPS S7 control. A reconditioned Seny® which is as good as new, receives additionally the CE Conformity certificate and our manufacturers warranty.

Retrofit and handling, complete automation systems or quality insurance devices can now or in future easily be done.

¡The best option!

Overhaul and and of your old "Seny®'s" by our long-time experienced specialists who have many years of experience. for that original spare parts are used “SENY”.